Dignity. Solidarity. Respect.

Full Member Dues for the UPTF are set at 2.3% of gross salary. Full membership means the ability to participate fully in the governance of the union: the right to vote in a union election or contract ratification, serve on a union committee, and be consulted about contract platforms and other union campaigns.

For those wanting to support their fair share of administering and enforcing the contract, but uncomfortable with all of the political, social, or community activities of the union, the UPTF provides the alternative of the Fair Share (non-voting) membership, set at 85% of Dues, or 1.95% of gross salary. Fair Share is calculated annually to ensure that the percentage is set after political, social, and community activities of the union are deducted from union expenses. On the electronic membership form, the Fair Share membership is identified as the Agency Fee membership option.

You can join the union by signing an electronic membership card, below. You must already have your Access ID or Banner ID number to use that form. If you are a new hire, and don’t have that information yet, we encourage you to to download and complete the paper membership card linked below. You can return it to us by email or postal mail.